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What the media says about codestalkers games

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40 of the best Android apps and games from January 2014.

And some more dungeon-crawling in this polished action-RPG, with more goblins and golems than you can shake a (magical) stick at. It looks good and plays well, but my favourite feature is the ability to create your own quests and make them available to other players...


Best mobile games of January 2014

What is this, isometric dungeon crawler month? Whatever it is, this free title exclusive to Android is pretty hard to say no to. The game isn't all about sneaking — there's plenty of melee combat to sate your bloodlust — and you can even build and submit your own content to be included in the game



The 5 Best Android Games of the week

If you like RPGs, Rogue: Beyond The Shadows certainly is an essential game, also can try at any time, since it is free.




I'm the shadow dweller, the death-monger

Technically speaking, this game is above average in all areas, and it's instant fun since the very first stages. Highly recommendable.